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VW Passat CC GT: Better looking than Mercedes CLS

VW Passat CC GT
Nice review here of the VW Passat CC GT which is looking better than the Mercedes CLS according to the report.

It looks fantastic, and I can’t remember when I last said that about a car with a VW badge on its grille. Its lines and proportions are not just well judged and fluently executed; there’s real eye-catching beauty here. Better still, Volkswagen has followed the lead of the Mercedes CLS and created an elegant car that retains its rear doors – and therefore a large chunk of the practicality of the saloon on which it is based. There’s even a vast boot.

Indeed you could argue that Volkswagen has done a better job than Mercedes: to my eyes not only is the Passat CC even better-looking than the CLS, but if you open up those rear doors and have a peek inside, you’ll discover it’s more spacious too.

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Source: Times Online