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VW Passat R36: Reviewed by TopGear

VW Passat R36
Great review here of the VW Passat R36 by TopGear. Have a read!

It’s a terrific car. We took it on our cross-France Rolls-Royce and Aston jaunt as support car, and we ended up liking it even more than the two V12 monsters it was shadowing. Well, ‘even more’ is not quite accurate, but ‘liked just as much because it fulfils its intended brief so brilliantly’ is a less snappy but spot-on comment. It’s surprising.

Fast, too, the big 299bhp, 3.6-litre V6 revving cleanly and quickly and bestowing this big estate with a 5.8-second 0-62mph time. Sounds throaty, and it works well with the standard DSG gearbox and four-wheel-drive system. The chassis is excellent, blending a firm but never- crashy ride with precise handling and steering. You can fling it, and it sticks.

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Source: TopGear, picture by VW