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VW Tiguan: Easier to drive than to pronounce

VW Tiguan
Nice review here of the VW Tiguan which is easier to drive than to pronounce.

Upon startup and takeoff, I found a pleasing, butter-smooth clutch-shift-brake combination coupled with an especially quiet engine even while violently pushing the transmission. It’s a simple, functional car, pleasant to drive, with a sleek, trimless exterior design similar in shape and size to a variety of other offerings from similarly styled rides. Its building materials vary widely. Soft-touch covers appear on the trim, dashboard and door, but the plastic cover to the rear windshield wiper snapped off in my hand when I tried to open the rear glass. The Tiguan comes in three trims; my tester S, the SE and SEL, each more elaborately outfitted and pricier.

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Source: NY Daily News