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VW: US factory may build 2 models

VW's new US factory
According to this news VW’s new US factory may produce 2 models in future.

Volkswagen is already considering adding production of a second automobile to the plant it plans to build in Chattanooga, according to a company spokeswoman.

Volkswagen AG, which announced its plant site selection just two weeks ago, is thinking about production of a second vehicle “in the foreseeable future,” spokeswoman Jill Bratina told The Associated Press on Wednesday.

She described the addition as part of the German automaker’s “volume-oriented, forward-looking strategy” in this country.

“Our Chattanooga plant will give us flexible local production in the market,” Bratina said. “In line with this flexibility, a second automobile in addition to a sedan specifically designed for the USA is conceivable in the foreseeable future.”

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Source: Associated Press