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Audi A4: Delivers more luxury and performance

Audi A4
Another nice review of the new Audi A4. Great car!

It delivers on all of the promises an entry-level luxury car should. It’s opulent inside. It’s quick and comes with scads of new technology, such as blind spot detection, variable ratio steering that makes turning the wheel easier, and MMI, the Audi equivalent of BMW’s iDrive but with more logical steps in working it. The A4, which arrives this fall at dealerships, upgrades in all the right places. The 2009 model just might be the A-4-U.

When I test drove the A4 around California’s wine country, it fit perfectly into the scenery. Its clean, elegant lines are aristocratic — you almost want to sit in the back seat and let the driver take you to the grocery store. But why would you let anyone else get behind the wheel of this machine? It’s fun to flog or just set on the radar-supported cruise control and listen to the 505-watt Bang and Olufsen stereo through 14 speakers. That’s not driving, it’s showing off.

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Source: Detroit News