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Audi A5: Short review

Audi A5
Here’s a short review of the Audi A5 which doesn’t pay enough tribute to the awesomeness of this car.

What’s more, the A5 continues to affirm our earlier impressions that Audi’s got a great chassis on its hands with this new A4/S4/A5/S5 platform. The company’s always done comfort a bit better than sport and, indeed, the A5 serves as a better daily driver than the S5. We can’t wait for Audi Drive Select to be offered this fall, though. The system allows steering, throttle, and suspension settings to be dialed in individually — we’d leave the A5 suspension alone, but the steering could use a bit more weight and the throttle could use a setting somewhere between the current “normal” and “sport” settings on the gear selector. One other option worth thinking about: sport seats. The base A5 seats aren’t terrible, but they lack thigh support. The sport seats, however, are lovely.

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Source: Motive Mag