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Audi A6: First drive report

Audi A6
First drive report of the Audi A6.

Over the past decade, Audi has made huge inroads into the full-size sedan (and station wagon) market in Europe. A lot of buyers have been disappointed with the Bangled styling of the BMW 5-series and left cold by the conservative Mercedes E-class. As a result, the fast lane on the autobahn is all but dominated by corporate Germany’s armada of black, xenon-headlamp-armed Audi A6 sedans and wagons.

The supercharged V-6 offers performance at the upper level of its class. The sprint from 0 to 62 mph takes a claimed 5.9 seconds, while top speed is governed at 155 mph. Both numbers match the 4.2 V-8, which is differently geared. Fuel consumption is reported as 25 mpg in the European cycle.

On the road, this engine is so far superior to the entry-level V-6 and so close in responsiveness and easily attainable speed to the V-8 that it is our engine of choice in the A6.

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Source: Car and Driver