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Audi: Interview with Audi of America GM of Product Planning Filip Brabec about new MMI

Audi MMI
Here’s a very interesting interview with Audi of America’s head of product planning Filip Brabec about the 3rd generation MMI. A must see for all Audi lovers!

Brabec: Yes. We are definitely going to have an update possibility. It is likely to result through a dealer. We don’t believe that it is ready for a consumer-type of update but it is definitely okay for a dealer update. So that is also part of the advantage of having a hard drive.

The second major change is the screen itself and the graphics delivered. We are the first ones to use an automotive grade NVIDIA chip for graphics processing which makes it a lot faster. We use this for the graphics quality and the processing speed of the zoom-in and zoom-out functionality so you have a true 3-D topographic map of the whole US and the buildings in the cities where available.

Fourtitude: Except A3, TT, and R8 which run the other system.

Brabec: Yes, A3, TT, and R8 will not because they are not using that system. That is exactly right. But A4, A5, A6, Q7, all of those will be on the list together.

Fourtitude: A8?

Brabec: With A8 we are going to take a little different direction.

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Source: Fourtitude