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Audi Quattro: 7 copies on the auction block!

Audi Quattro
7 (!), in words “seven”, copies of the Audi Quattro are currently on the auction block as part of the awesome collection of David Sutton. That’s a great chance for every Audi collector, you will not find such a nice collection again. But be sure to bring your wallet!

Largely formed over many years by World Championship winning team boss David Sutton, they have been on display in his museum premises for the past decade. Often seen being exercised by an array of former rally superstars such as Stig Blomqvist, Bjorn Waldegaard and Michele Mouton at a variety of demonstration events, it is undeniably the finest collection of rallycars within the UK.

Headlining the group are of course the seven Audi Quattros ranging from the early Group 4 derivatives through to two of the ultimate S1 E2 variants.

Audi Quattro
Audi Quattro

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Source: Morris and Welford