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Audi Quattro: Your chance to win one in UK!

Audi Quattro
Here’s your chance to win an original Audi Quattro. Read on how and then apply here.

Organisers put part of the Eighties popularity down to the success of the BBC television programme Ashes to Ashes, the successor to Life on Mars. To celebrate the effect of DCI Gene Hunt’s iconic Audi Quattro on the nation, we’re giving away an original, stunning, 10v Audi Quattro.

Andrew Coe, chief executive of International Motor Sports Ltd, which organises the event, said: “This year’s Norwich Union MSA Classic is set to provide a fantastic automotive spectacle as these relatively modern classics take to Britain’s roads in their hundreds. It is really interesting to see how the nation’s choice of classic car has varied over the course of the event’s rich history and I look forward to seeing them all in person.”

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Source: Telegraph