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Audi R8: America’s best handling car

Audi R8
MotorTrend started a comparison to find America’s best handling car. The clear winner: the Audi R8! Make sure to also watch the video and you can easily see why the Audi R8 outclassed the competition.

“In another world compared with the other cars here,” said Pobst of the Audi R8 (1st place). “So sweet,” said road-tester Scott Mortara. “Lots of steering feel, great grip, but a compliant ride, too,” noted editor MacKenzie. Each driver was describing the same qualities: On track or road, the R8 is Baryshnikov-fluid yet controlled, graceful yet dynamic. The figure-eight tracing is smooth and tight, with high limits but gentle transitions. Step-steer reaction time is fourth, lane-change third, ride quality fourth. The numbers only hint at the overall handling excellence, though. At any speed, you feel the delicate transparency of the steering, the supple yet confident chassis control, the crisp turn-in. Offered a weekend off to exploit the twirls and twists of Southern California’s beckoning hills, the Audi R8-a car we’ve experienced from the Corkscrew to the salt flats of Utah’s Black Rock Desert-is the car we’d most want to pilot, the machine with magic in its mid-engine, quattro-fed chassis.

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Source: Motor Trend