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Audi R8: Behind the scenes video of Transformers 2

Audi R8 Transformers 2
We will like the sequel even more than the first part, just because an Audi R8 will be starring in Transformers 2. Have a look at the behind the scenes video!

As part of the promotion for the new Transformers DVD releases, Walmart has a new flash section on their site that is promising to release new, official, behind the scenes footage from Transformers 2. A new video will be added each week.”Have fun, keep it safe”. The first video is set at the Bethlehem Steel works and is titled “On the set: Day 1″. This is our first look at the motorbikes and their crazy color schemes – bright pink, purple and blue – we see them speeding past us as an Audi R8 skids out of the way.

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Source: Movie Chronicles