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Audi R8: King of the road

Audi R8
Great review here of the Audi R8, a game changer for Audi and king of the road for anybody else.

THE R8 IS CERTAINLY NOT the most practical car. There’s little room inside for much more than a driver, passenger, and maybe, if you push it, a golf bag. And with a roofline about the height of my navel, the two-door mid-engine coupe wasn’t easy to enter. No matter. What this car has in abundance is sex appeal. Driving around town and to a nearby mall, I quickly realized that young men — and older men who are young at heart — will want this agile beast not just for its sleek looks and race-car performance (it hits 60 miles per hour in 4.4 seconds and boasts 420 horses), but also the way young ladies gather around it to ooh and aah.

They have reason to be impressed. Walk around the car and peer through the back window into what normally would be a luggage area and behold instead a V8 — the same one found in the Lamborghini Gallardo — in all its mighty glory.

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Source: Barrons