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Audi S4: More info

Audi S4
Here’s more info about the now released hot Audi S4. Do yourself a favor and compare those figures to the current Audi RS4, you will be surprised!

The new motor uses a pair of four-vane rotors capable of spinning to 23,000rpm (high for a supercharger), with the compressed air delivered to the engine through two intercoolers.

The engine is actually slightly down on power compared to the V8 S4, which had 339bhp, but it has 23lb ft more torque than its predecessor, and a more accessible powerband, translating into a 5.1 second 0-62mph time compared to the previous saloon S4’s 5.6 seconds.

The V6 is both cleaner and more efficient than the old V8, returning 29.1mpg on the European combined cycle (compared to the previous S4’s 21.2mpg Euro-average.) No CO2 figures have been released yet, but they are certain to be significantly better than the old car’s 321g/km.

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Source: Autocar