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Audi: US diesel push starts with Mileage Marathon

Audi Mileage Marathon
Audi of America will run a cross-country mileage marathon to push their diesel offensive.

The automaker is providing 23 TDI vehicles that will be driven by up to 184 drivers from around the world, including some of the crew from AutoblogGreen and Autoblog. The vehicles will include the Q7, Q5 and A4 with the 3.0L TDI V6 and the A3 with the same 2.0L four cylinder TDI used in the new Jetta. The Marathon will kick off October 6 in New York City and wind its way to Los Angeles via Chicago, Denver and Monterey. The drivers will all be trying to outdo each other to earn daily rewards for lowest fuel consumption.

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Source: Autoblog Green