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Bugatti Veyron: Dutch buyer wants to build flag with 3 Veyron

Bugatti Veyron
A lucky, but misleaded Bugatti Veyron customer from the Netherlands wants to add a 3rd car to his garage, the very final one ever produced and it should come in bright red to complete his Dutch flag line-up of one in blue and one in white. What’s next? Putting a campervan behind it?

The 300th Veyron will be the final car built, as was always the plan with the limited-edition hypercar. A Dutch buyer, Harrie van de Moesdijk, will buy the final car to complete his collection of three – one in each color of the Dutch flag.

Owning three Veyrons is a unique status symbol in its own right – according to Moesdijk, he’d be the only person in the world with so many to his name. The 300th and final Veyron would be the crown jewel of the trio, a bright red car to complement the blue and white examples he already owns, reports AutoTelegraaf.

Getting the 300th car will be a challenge, however, as it will surely command a significant premium over the standard price of roughly $1.75 million due to its innate collectibility.

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Source: Motor Authority