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Gumpert Apollo: First car arrives in the US!

Awesome news for all true lovers of supersportcars, the Gumpert Apollo has arrived in the US.

The supercar, which currently sits atop the list of fastest cars around the Top Gear test track, will be shipped to the U.S. and arrive in Arizona where the drivetrain will be assembled and final performance checks done by Evolution Motorsports. Then the cars move on to California where customers actually do the purchasing and pick up at European Touch in Huntington, Beach. The base price for one of ten U.S.-spec Gumpert Apollos coming to the U.S. each year is reportedly $400,000, though each can be infinitely customized and final prices above $700,000 are not uncommon. Just watch out for those speedbumps, as any repair work has to be done back in Arizona by Evolution Motorsports, the only authorized Gumpert repair center in the country.

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Source: Autoblog