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MTM Audi R8: An impressive beast roaring into supercar league

MTM Audi R8
Wow, impressive headline, isn’t it? But after seeing and reading the review of the MTM Audi R8 you will be definitely agree. Nothing short of amazing!

The R8 is the must-have sports car of the Noughties. Yet for every R8 owner who’s ecstatic, there’s another who is malcontent. Why? Because the one-upmanship that drove them to the Audi showrooms in the first place means they want theirs to outpace other R8s. Audi will oblige with the delivery of a more potent V10 petrol version and a V12 diesel, but that’s a year away.

In the meantime, a German tuning company called MTM — Motoren Technik Mayer — has produced a supercharger conversion for the R8. Lifting the performance from merely impressive to “wave bye-bye to Ferrari and Lamborghini drivers” (a strictly technical term) MTM’s work on the 4.2 litre V8 engine sees the power surge from 414bhp to 553bhp. This decreases the numbers that count: the 0-62mph time drops from 4.6sec to 3.9sec, propelling the MTM R8R into the genuine supercar league.

And the good news is, whether you have a standard R8 already on the driveway or are still awaiting delivery, MTM can carry out the conversion for € 38,901 (£31,628).

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Source: Times Online