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Porsche 911: Microsite offers new level of interaction

Porsche 911
Porsche’s microsite for the Porsche 911 offers a new level of interaction. Have a look!

The interactivity moves to the next level when the mouse-controlled cursor turns into a “wax pen” as the site allows the visitor to use his or her mouse to draw a three-dimensional road course on the computer’s monitor to “test” the mettle of the new Porsche 911.

“This is followed by a video of the fully rendered, computer-generated-image (CGI) silver 911 driving the course,” explained Cherfoli. “We use the same detailed computer-aided-design (CAD) files used by our engineers in the design of the new 911 for the CGI version throughout this site to ensure authenticity. If the user wants, he or she can share the file virally with others.”

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Source: PR Newswire