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Porsche 911: Spy video of next-generation caught testing

Porsche 911
We found a nice spy video of the next-generation Porsche 911 caught testing at the Nurburgring, where else. Click on the “read more” link below to see the video.

Recently a test mule was spotted in Germany by our spy photographers, suggesting that Porsche engineers may have already begun testing the next-generation 998 model, and then Porsche’s chief of research and development, Wolfgang Dürheimer, revealed some details of what to expect from the next-gen 911. Now we have video of the car in testing on the famous German circuit.

The video shows the next-generation 998 911 carving the corners with ease, remaining very flat throughout and generally showing a composition that reflects the tremendous amount of engineering that underpins the modern 911. The tail-happy ways of decades past have been thoroughly sorted, and the car exhibits neutral, stable characteristics even at the limit, if the sound of the singing tires is any indication. All of this confirms what the man behind the 998’s development has to say about it.

Speaking of the new car, Dürheimer said, “‘It will be even more competent, even sexier, even more unique. The design can of course only be evolutionary, but beneath the skin, almost anything is possible,” reports CAR magazine. The 998 version of the car, known internally as ‘project 991’, will feature a few radical departures from the 911’s long-running classical styling.

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Source: Motor Authority