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Porsche: A novel

There are lots of books about Porsches, but there is finally a novel about one. Demontreville Press has just published Hunt for 901 by Kevin Gosselin.

Hunt for 901 is the debut novel by gourmet chef and automotive writer Kevin Gosselin. Its protagonist, Faston Hanks, is a Connecticut innkeeper, car historian, and automotive archeologist known for his ability to find lost automotive treasures: an automotive Indiana Jones. He is also a gourmand who won t let an adventure stand in the way of a good meal. When Austrian musician, Heidi Ruff, arrives at his inn, begging Faston to help her find her father, his answer is simple, I don t find people. You might this time, replies the Austrian. In 1963, Porsche s 901 prototype went missing after its debut at a German auto show. My father was the one who lost it. Thus begins Faston s hunt for the Holy Grail of Porsches, searching all over Europe for clues that will lead them to the missing 901 prototype. As Faston and his geriatric sidekick, Charles Ivory, close in on the long-lost Porsche and Heidi s mysterious father, they discover they are not alone in trying to find this most famous of Porsches. Who will be the first to find it?

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