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Porsche Boxster RS60 Spyder: Driving report

Porsche Boxster RS60 Spyder
Nice driving report with the special edition Porsche Boxster RS60 Spyder.

However, making the track easier to learn, in addition to my esteemed co-pilot, was the supple intuitiveness of the Boxsters. It shouldn’t be surprising that the manufacturer of everything from Le Mans winning race cars to classic truly budget sports car such as the Porsche 914 and Porsche 924 (better, really, than sniffy purists would have one believe) would have the basics of a sports car down pat.

Indeed, indeed. Porsche bills the 0-60 mph time of the RS60 at 5.1 seconds, easily bested by high performance cars with engines bigger than Porsche’s 3.4-liter horizontally-opposed six. While that’s definitely quick, drag racing has never been the forte of a Porsche, and with the demise of the “Le Mans start,” it’s wholly academic anyway.

Instead the engine delivers the responsiveness and supple integration with the powertrain that gets the most from every pony on the payroll. And we’ll wager the Boxster RS60 will fare better on rolling starts against those rivals with a better dead-start launch than the Porsche’s raw 0-60 numbers would suggest.

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Source: Examiner