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Porsche Cayenne: Fresh spy shots

Porsche Cayenne
We found some fresh spy shots of the upcoming Porsche Cayenne which will shrink in size compared to the current version.

These photos are proof that the next generation Cayenne will be significantly smaller than its predecessor.

It was thought that Porsche was developing a smaller SUV, called the Roxster, to sit alongside the Cayenne in the range and compete with cars like the Audi Q5. (Rumour suggested it would be based on the Q5’s platform, in fact.)

However, the smaller SUV seen testing by Porsche engineers recently actually is the Cayenne!

Seen here side-by-side for the first time, the new Cayenne is Porsche’s answer to criticism of its gargantuan SUV – the car having garnered a reputation as the archetypal ‘gas-guzzling’ 4×4.

Porsche Cayenne

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Source: Auto Express