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Porsche Cayman: RUF developing all-electric version

Porsche Cayman
Tuner RUF is developing an all-electric Porsche Cayman. Cool!

Well-established Porsche tuner RUF, a company that has been building cars for more than 60 years, is now poised to launch its own Tesla rival in the form of an all-electric Porsche.

RUF plans to unveil an all-electric version of its Cayman 3400K model (pictured) as early as next month, although the company is yet to announce production schedules or estimated prices. According to Auto Motor und Sport, the car will come with a 204hp (150kW) electric motor with 480lb-ft (650Nm) of instantaneous torque. Power will come from an array of lithium-ion batteries, with charging capable from an ordinary household power outlet.

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Source: Motor Authority