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Porsche Cayman S: A fine-tuned precision driving tool

Porsche Cayman S
Nice review here of the Porsche Cayman S. Worth to read.

The Cayman is a beautiful expression of classic Porsche lines and styling cues , such as bug-eye headlights and wide rear haunches. The Cayman’s design is sleek and pure, unburdened by the necessity of having to hide a rear-mounted engine or house a folding hardtop. The simplicity and elegance of the Cayman’s styling make it the best looking current line-up Porsche other than the wild 911 GT3 RS.

The Porsche legacy carries over into the cabin. Although intimate in size, two passengers fit comfortably in the snug and supportive seats. My favourite signature Porsche item, no doubt also appreciated by other Porsche enthusiasts, is the triple-gauge instrument cluster. The car’s tachometer and small digital speedometer are strategically placed, fulfilling drivers’ every need.

The three-spoke steering wheel melts in the driver’s hands and the shifter feels as if it were custom-mounted. Every control is simple and straightforward save for some of the audio controls which were small and difficult to operate. Otherwise, the Cayman’s fit and finish is top-notch, right up there with the top-of-the-line models. The Cayman is also quite versatile. The in-door cubbyholes and two reasonably- size trunks are more than enough to accommodate a weekend’s worth of gear for two.

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Source: Autonet