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Porsche: Revival of the Porsche 914?

Porsche 914
With VW’s latest plans to bring a 2-seater sportscar Porsche might jump on board for a revival of the Porsche 914.

But even bigger news could be coming from VW’s new masters, er, partners at Porsche. Inside sources say that VW’s majority shareholder is said to have shown strong interest in the same project — opening the door for a possible revival of the 914.

As for the Porsche model, any 914 would almost certainly have one of the automaker’s flat sixes on board, with the 2.7-liter base engine from the Boxster being the most likely candidate. Rumors have also been circulating recently about the possibility of Porsche returning to four cylinder power, with the 914 being an extremely logical candidate for an engine smaller than six cylinders. The original four cylinder 914 was more popular than the six.

Porsche has continued to expand from its 911 base with the Cayenne and the coming Panamera, and the addition of a model priced below the Boxster could be just what the Dr. (Piech) orders.

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Source: Motor Trend