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VW Beetle: All new Beetle will be more sporty, stylish

VW Beetle
VW is planning an all-new VW Beetle and it will be more manly!

Our insider said that the firm’s design department wants the newcomer to have “cleaner and meaner surfaces”, but he admitted that the project was not an easy one. “The architecture is timeless – to make it right is difficult,” he told us. “But unlike with the MINI, you will be able to tell the difference between the present model and the new one.”

Design proposals have already been submitted to the VW board for approval, and these include a cabin with better packaging, offering more space for occupants and luggage. Under the skin, the fresh model will be based around the modular chassis of the new MkVI Golf. As well as the coupé version shown here, there is likely to be a convertible variant, too.

VW Beetle

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Source: Auto Express