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VW Golf: Three performance models in the works!

VW Golf
Great news for all Golf lovers! VW is working on 3 performance models of the 6th generation VW Golf with a VW Golf GTI, a VW Golf GTD, and a VW Golf R model.

According to Automotive News, the Mk. VI GTI will sprint to 60 in a tick above seven seconds and hit a top speed of around 150 mph.

A performance-oriented diesel Golf, dubbed the GTD, will hit the market in April, putting out around 170 hp from its common-rail diesel, while a range-topping R model, available through Volkswagen Individual, will be churn out 270 hp, send power to all four wheels and will be equipped with an aero package that includes a “black gleaming diffuser.” Sales of the R version will begin in November of 2009.

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Source: Autoblog