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VW Golf VI: In-depth with 70 new pictures

VW Golf VI
Here’s really everything you need to know about the new VW Golf VI including 70 new photos from the press release. Enjoy!

The design targets for Volkswagen Design could not have been set any higher: “Our challenge is to create the iconic cars of the future.” This memorable sentence was spoken by Italian Walter de Silva as he assumed overall design leadership at Volkswagen AG in February 2007. It indicated just how conscious the team around de Silva was of its responsibility to take world successes like the Golf forward into the future.

Now in 2008 there is the Golf, one of the first cars to receive its final touches under the new leadership of de Silva. The team retooled one of the most popular automotive designs in the world for contemporary times. The powerfully and clearly designed Golf completes the circle begun by the especially influential Golf generations I (1974 to 1983) and IV (1997 to 2003). The unique character of the overall design and orientation of the headlamps, taillights and side profile are also a reflection of the realignment of the overall design of all Volkswagen models.

The Golf is part of a strategy that will sharpen the brand’s design in all classes. That is because all of the most successful European car brand’s design criteria were completely redefined under the orchestration of Walter de Silva.

VW Golf VI

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Source: VWvortex