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VW Golf VI: Test drive report

VW Golf VI
Here’s another test drive report of the VW Golf VI from the launch event on Iceland.

While you’re sure the engine has started at the turn of the key, you’d struggle to know this new Golf is a diesel. The sound insulation work is exemplary, with a fully insulated firewall, double-skinned insulated bonnet and sound-deadening layer in the laminated windscreen. As project leader Hubertus Lemke says, “Handling needs are different according to different drivers, but everyone needs a quieter car.” As a result, Golf now sets the class standard in cabin refinement, beating even its Audi A3 sister. At speed, there’s a little rustling around the door mirrors, perhaps, but then you look down and realize that, thanks to the quietness of the ride, you’re pushing well over 100 mph.

Matched to the six-speed DSG, twin-clutch transmission, the diesel unit is foolproof, powerful and well mannered. From just under 2000 rpm, the surge is strong and keeps going all the way to the 5000-rpm redline.

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Source: Popular Mechanics