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VW Jetta TDI: Comparison against Toyota Prius

VW Jetta TDI
Interesting comparison here of the VW Jetta TDI against the Toyota Prius. They both help you saving fuel, but which is the better drive? We have no doubt.

Results (238 Highway Miles)
Jetta: 45.4 MPG /// Prius: 44.8 MPG
Since the Prius so handily whipped the Jetta in the city, we were hoping the highway portion might provide a closer test result. And over the exact same route at the exact same speeds and under the same conditions, it appears America has a surprising new fuel-economy champ.

But tax credits aside, when it comes down to which of these two popular efficient cars is more fun and more comfortable to drive everyday, it’s an easy pick: We like the Jetta TDi, and the fuel-economy numbers in the real world for VW’s new player make it—gasp!—a legit Prius fighter.

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Source: Popular Mechanics