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VW Passat R36: THE family sports car

VW Passat R36
We found an interesting review and road test of the VW Passat R36 claiming that this is THE family sports car. Not so fast we say, that title belongs to the Audi RS6 Avant.

When last I reviewed the Passat I was quite impressed. Then I test drove the Touareg R50 and was blown away. When I borrowed the Golf R32, I didn’t return home for a week. Can you imagine then my joy at being slung in to the cockpit of Volkswagen’s latest R offering?

The R36 is a Passat based sport wagon (sedan available – $64,990) with a bigger direct injection V6 engine, commanding all-wheel drive grip and lower, stiffer suspension. It’s a pretty standard formula in gaining additional performance from a pre-existing platform, but as with any enhanced vehicle the devil is in the detail – and being German, detail is what Volkswagen does best.

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Source: Caradvice