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VW Scirocco: Road tested

VW Scirocco
On the look out for a stylish compact car with a sporting drive? Have a look at the VW Scirocco.

One of the most distinctive features of the original Scirocco was the way its waistline kicked up under the rear side window. This is reprised in the new Scirocco, but this time the stance is toughened-up with solid shoulders flanking the tapering upper cabin. There’s also a curving crease along the lower body, which seems to push the wheels harder to the road.

The Scirocco looks taut, compact, ready for a good time. Park it next to an original one, though, and it makes the ancestor look supermini-sized. It demonstrates just how much cars have grown. The upside is that the new car has proper space in the back for two adults, although the narrow side windows make the space claustrophobic and the rear window is so small that it doesn’t even fill the rear-view mirror.

No matter; the Scirocco feels snug and sporting. Sounds it, too. There’s a deep, crisp hum from the twin exhaust pipes, but far from intrusive. This is good: it’s the sound of machinery at work. The combination of direct fuel injection and turbocharging is the modern petrol engine’s salvation.

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Source: Independant