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VW Scirocco: Wind of change

VW Scirocco
Nice review here of the VW Scirocco.

The result is a sleek, distinctive coupé that works mainly because it isn’t immediately identifiable as a VW. The bodywork is almost devoid of ornamentation and the car sits squat, looking low, wide and purposeful. It’s also colour-sensitive, with lighter paintwork setting off the new frontal treatment better than the dull maroon of some of the launch cars. That colour won’t be offered in the UK, the choices being white, two hues of blue, black, two shades of silver, pewter, red and Viper Green metallic.

The 197bhp engine emits a lovely burble when you accelerate hard from about 3,500rpm, with plenty of seamless power whenever you need it. It also cruises well, with the engine turning at a leisurely 2,500rpm at UK motorway speeds.

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Source: The Telegraph