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Audi A1: Under consideration for the US

Audi A1
First denied, now considered: the Audi A1 might find its way to the US nonetheless! Would be great.

At the 2008 Paris Motor Show, Audi showed its A1 Sportback concept, a first look at a hybrid 5-door Audi A1. We’re glad to say that the production version could hit U.S. roads. When? We would say sometime around early 2010. Will it be a hybrid like the concept? We highly doubt it.

“A year ago, I would have said no,” Peter Schwarzenbauer, Audi’s worldwide sales and marketing boss, told Automotive News. “I did not see any trend in the U.S. which showed me that small cars could have a lasting, sustainable chance. I think this has changed. Therefore, we definitely have to reconsider the A1.”

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Source: eGM Cartech