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Audi A5: Active Lifestyle Vehicle of the Year

Audi A5
The Audi A5 has been awarded with the Active Lifestyle Vehicle of the Year recognition.

The Audi A5 earned the Active Lifestyle Vehicle of the Year Award in the luxury on-road category, outperforming 10 competitors. The awards, now in their fifth year, recognize cars and trucks that are best suited to meet the demands of an active and athletic lifestyle.

“The A5 is the embodiment of Audi’s commitment to developing cars that are sporty, technologically advanced and a pleasure to drive,” said Johan de Nysschen, Audi of America’s executive vice president. “Audi stands for progressive prestige across its product lineup, so it’s gratifying to learn one of our newest models meets the rigorous demands of active consumers.”

The awards are presented by the Active Network, which operates active.com, Gen A Media and Marketing and AAA. The selection of the Active Lifestyle Vehicles of the year emerged from two stages of judging. The first round involved an automotive jury, which narrowed the field of 60 entries competing in seven categories. After four finalists were chosen in each category, the award’s sponsors asked elite athletes from the San Diego region to test drive each of the vehicles and offer their opinions, which count for half of the award tallies. Altogether, 17 athletes participated, including professional beach volleyball players, triathlon competitors and a former NFL kicker. The automotive experts then registered their finalist votes for the other half of the tallies.

“Involving the athletes offers a great opportunity get fresh perspectives on the various vehicles so it becomes an impromptu focus group of an elite and active target market” said Nina Russin, jury coordinator for the Active Lifestyle Vehicle of the Year Awards. “What was interesting with the A5 was how the athletes really reacted to the car’s athletic performance.”

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Source: Fourtitude