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Audi A5: Driving report

Audi A5
Nice driving report of the Audi A5 from Hollywood.

What’s hot: Body as sleek as Heidi Klum’s, Iron Man headlights, intelligent and demure interior

Hollywood is amusing from the behind the wheel of the new Audi A5. Ka-thunk the door behind you and all that is loud and colorful is immediately hushed, but still — like a silent picture show.

On normally bustling Sunset Boulevard, traffic and pedestrians seem to tiptoe by — though more than a few heads turn as the A5 passes. Pull into the parking lot of Trader Joe’s and eyebrows rise, elbows nudge ribs, fingers point. Keep the windows up, you’ll often be greeted by mouths forming appreciative smiles and soundless coos. Quite a feat in car savvy LA-LA-land.

The reason? The eyes have it. The A5’s has headlight styling first seen on Iron Man’s ride, Audi’s flagship R8. Thin LED strips mounted just below the headlamps give off a cool, white glow, through sun or smog, day or night. Hit the turn signal, and the corresponding LED strip shuts off as the blinker comes on. It’s a mesmerizing bit of design often noted by car cognoscenti and ignoranti alike.

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Source: Motor Trend