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Audi Imperator: The last of its kind

Audi Imperator
This is Vorsprung from 1929, the Audi Imperator.

This historic car was discovered in the German state of Saxony at the end of the 1990s, and purchased by Audi Tradition. Its history is exciting to recall: as was frequently the case in the 1920s, the customer (who must have been wealthy, since the car cost more than 16,000 Reichsmarks even then, as much as a small house) bought the Imperator as a chassis with engine. This ‘platform’ was delivered to a coachbuilder where the customer selected the bodywork of his choice or had it designed. In view of this, Peter Spillner had to conjure up something special. He explains his approach: “We looked at the original photographs in the Audi archives and decided to build an open touring car with a phaeton body.” The colour, too, was based on detective work: one of the headlights still bore traces of the original paint, which is best described somewhere between olive green and brown. Spillner, who is 35 years of age, and his colleagues visited several museums in their quest for detail authenticity. He recalls: “We studied cars of a comparable age, because all the manufacturers at that time had the same outside suppliers.”

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Source: Cartype