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Audi RS: Future will bring plenty of S-tronic, but no diesel

Audi RS
An interview with Wolfgang Hatz, head of powertrain development at Audi and Stephan Reil, quattro GmbH’s technology development boss reveals the future of the Audi RS models: plenty of S-tronic, but no diesels!

Considering the Audi R10 TDI diesel’s impressive racing record, I asked whether diesel might figure in a future Audi RS model. After all, AMG has sold diesel models in Europe and Audi tantalized us with the screaming V12 TDI in an R8 concept at the 2008 Detroit show. Mr. Hatz reiterated that transmission and packaging problems ultimately killed the idea of an RS8 TDI variant, but pointed out that putting that engine in the (European) Q7 makes that a Q7 RS in everything but name. It is a quattro Gmbh product, but the company is loathe to apply the RS designation to any tall, heavy SUV. He admitted, however, that the 500-hp, 738-lb-ft V-12 monster DOES indeed fit in the Lamborghini Estoque’s engine bay, and Lambo literature hinted at the possibility of diesel power. But as for the normal range of RS products, the diesel engine’s characteristics don’t fit very well with those of the target Audi buyer. This could change, though, and if demand is strong for the forthcoming TT TDI (again in Europe only), maybe something will change.

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Source: Motor Trend