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Audi RS4: Used car review

Audi RS4
With the new Audi RS4 (RS5) just around the corner, the current generation makes a really good used car. Read here why.

You’ve got to hand it to Audi for not being afraid to tackle the opposition head on. As BMW has become more cheeky with it 3-Series-based M3, so, too, has Audi’s A4-based RS4 hottie.

The previous-model RS4, with its super-punchy, twin-turbocharged, V6 engine, remains a firm favourite with enthusiasts everywhere. But when BMW announced plans for the new M3, with a V8 replacing the traditional in-line six, Audi figured it needed to take the RS4 down the same technological path.

The result was a car that not only beat the M3 to market, but closed the performance gap.

Audi’s RS4 is available as a station wagon, convertible and four-door sedan.

While the convertible is a bit cruisier, the Avant station wagon is brilliant.

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Source: Drive