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Audi S4: First drive report

Audi S4
Georg Kacher had the chance to drive the new Audi S4, one of our favorite cars as of now.

And while the headline power figures might be down, they still surpass the equivalent Mercedes or BMW. The torque figure also bests both (and the old S4), while mpg figures are 26 percent better that before. The new S4 will even cost a few grand less than its predecessor.

That muted sound actually serves to make the S4 seem even quicker than it already is. Tickle the throttle and you’re away – speed is effortless, responses are immediate. The benchmark 0-62mph sprint is dismissed in 5.1 seconds, half a second quicker than the old car, while 50-75mph in fourth gear takes a mere 4.4 seconds.

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Source: Car Magazine