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Audi S5: Stunning looks in Porsche Lime Green

Audi S5 Lime Green
Well, this one might not be everybody’s darling, but to our eyes the Lime Green Audi S5 looks just fantastic!

Color me pleased; my 2009 Audi S5 has finally arrived, resplendent in vintage Porsche Lime Green. I hasten to add that this color is emphatically not the “Signal Green” which has become common on the current Porsche GT3 RS – it’s actually from Porsche’s 1973 and 1974 color book, and is a much brighter, more cheerful color than the rather more serious Signal Green. Readers of our S5 review may recall that I was smitten with Audi’s curvaceous V8-powered coupe from the moment I fired it up, so there was little doubt in my mind after our November test that I would eventually put one in my own garage.

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Source: Speed Sport Life