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Audi TT-RS: New spy shots reveal final stages

Audi TT-RS
Have a look at the latest spy shots of the Audi TT-RS which reveal that the car is in its final development stages. Can’t wait to hear it!

The new car is the performance RS variant of the TT and it’s expected to be launched in both coupe and roadster forms in the middle of next year.

The car was originally thought to be launched at the end of the year but its release date has since been pushed back because of the extra time required to further develop and test its all-new engine. Audi is also looking to use the same engine in a new RS variant of the A3 hatch as well. This model is expected to arrive soon after the launch of the TT-RS.

Powering both cars will be a five-cylinder twin-turbocharged engine developing between 350hp (260kW) and 390hp (291kW). The older VR6 unit was ruled out early on because of its incompatibility with Audi’s latest turbocharger designs, according to our friends at Sweden’s Auto Motor & Sport.

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Source: Motor Authority