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Audi TTS: Road test report from Australia

Audi TTS
Here’s a cool road test report with an awesome looking, papaya orange Audi TTS.

It could be argued you get what you pay for. The TT-S engine has 36 per cent more power and 20 per cent more torque than the regular TT. It even outguns the V6 on both fronts.

This explains the 0-to-100kmh acceleration times: TT, 6.4 seconds; TT V6, 5.7 seconds; and TT-S, 5.2 seconds. The acceleration claim for Audi’s R8 supercar is 4.8 seconds, so the TT-S is almost as quick yet costs less than half the price.

Incredibly, the TT-S does all this while using less fuel than its V6 sibling – and not much more than the regular model. The TT-S average combined consumption ratings of 7.9 litres/100km to 8.0L/100km are more like those of a Mazda hatchback.

The TT-S is 135 kilograms heavier than the regular TT because of its all-wheel-drive system but it is 15 kilograms lighter than the V6.

* Awesome performance
* Brilliant grip
* Great fun to drive
* Looks and sounds good
* Impeccable quality
* The twin-clutch gearbox is a beauty
* Will give a Porsche Cayman a good run for its money

Audi TTS

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Source: Drive