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Bentley Continental GT Speed: Review

Bentley Continental GT Speed
We found a review from Down Under of the Bentley Continental GT Speed. Enjoy!

It weighs a staggering 2350kg and can travel at an obscenely fast 326km/h (that’s 202mph) the first Bentley production car to hit the crash through the 200mph barrier. Acceleration from 0-100km/h will take you just 4.5 seconds or quicker than BMW’s M5. Not only that, the Speed can match the M5 in the S-bends too.

Although the engine is essentially the same as in the standard Continental GT, its been tuned to deliver more grunt.

Step on the drilled alloy accelerator pedal and get ready for a serious g-force assault. Initially – it feels like the Bugatti Veyron boosting up, as the torque driven acceleration for a car of these proportions, seems positively unnatural.

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Source: Caradvice