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Bugatti Veyron: Road test review

Bugatti Veyron
Whenever a road test review of the Bugatti Veyron is published you should listen what they have to say.

It is important to stress that the Veyron is not fabricated or built here; no painting, welding or stamping is done on premises, but rather off-site before assembly. Like a giant, fully-operational model, the finest materials and products that Europe has to offer are fitted into a lightweight carbon fiber monocoque. The carbon fiber and aluminum body panels come pre-painted and shipped from Italy, the seven-speed DSG transmission from Britain’s Ricardo Engineering and the massive sixteen-cylinder engine from Germany. Even the tires are built to spec, they are the widest fitted to any production car and were developed specifically by Michelin for the Veyron to cope with its 253 mph top speed.

From a mechanical standpoint, the Veyron’s engine is a masterpiece. At eight liters in displacement, with sixteen cylinders arranged in three banks of eight, the compact engine is shorter in length than a traditional V12. And yet, it packs the mightiest of punches, as the engine is boosted along with four turbochargers with variable vane geometry for lag-less thrust. Aside from cooling purposes, the engine is out in the open for all to see, its magnesium detailing a work of art.

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