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Lamborghini: Interview with its design director Manfred Fitzgerald

We found a very interesting interview with Manfred Fitzgerald who’s the design director of Lamborghini. Make sure to read!

“I’ve spent the past nine years creating a distinct image for the brand,” Fitzgerald said. “Extreme, uncompromising, and Italian.” But, he said, “It would be a mistake to reduce the brand to what we’ve done before.”

In fact, the Estoque project evolved fundamentally differently than other Lambo projects. Typically, the technical parameters — size, acceleration, performance, horsepower — set the agenda, and the design and styling try to wrap it all up in a functional, visually pleasing package. With the Estoque, the mission was to create, as Fitzgerald said, “a consequent design.” Which is to say, it started with the ferocious aesthetic of the car and the engineering was required to keep up.

“It’s contrary to what we’re used to doing,” Fitzgerald said. “R&D had to follow the design, think it through.”

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Source: LA Times