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Lamborghini Jota: Spy shots of the Murcielago successor

Lamborghini Jota
Here are some fresh spy shots of the rumored Lamborghini Jota, the successor of the Lamborghini Murcielago, said to arrive in 2011.

Lamborghini’s next supercar will retain the Murcielago’s mid-engine layout but it will feature a wider track as evidenced by the extended fender flares seen on the test-mule. While power levels are usually boosted with each new model generation, for Lamborghini’s latest creation engineers are more likely to be focusing on reducing weight in their quest for increased performance. Thus, the new model will likely feature a lighter aluminum space frame instead of the current steel tub design. Expect plenty of carbon-fiber and other advanced composites in its construction.

A big-cube V12 engine will likely remain but the addition of direct injection technology should improve fuel-efficiency and power levels across the rev-range. In this way, engineers will be able to improve performance without having to boost power, the end result of which will be a much easier to drive Lamborghini flagship.

Lamborghini Jota

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Source: Motor Authority