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Lamborghini: Where the Lambos are born, factory visit report

We found a very cool report of a factory visit to where all Lamborghinis are born. Enjoy!

My tour began where few visitors have been allowed to venture and where every Lamborghini has been built since production began in 1963 with the 350GT. Unlike many frenzied and deafeningly loud highly mechanized factories, the Lamborghini headquarters housed diligent and dignified employees gently and quietly assembling each phase of the project by hand, without a speck of dirt to be found, or a tool out of place.

While glancing up from their work to politely smile, each employee seemed to take pride and care with each movement, no matter what their area of assembly or expertise. The construction of each Gallardo, I was told takes two to three days to complete from start to finish, where the Muciélago takes three to four. This may seem like a small number compared to assembly-line-built mass produced passenger cars, but it is baffling once you see what goes into the construction of each car. Making the production time even more impressive is the fact that, thanks to Lamborghini’s many customization choices, made even more plentiful thanks to the new ad Personam program, few cars (if any) leave the facility identical to any other.

One of the most exciting aspects of the factory tour was not seeing the state-of-the-art assembly tools, or the massive engines awaiting their chassis, or the bare bodies awaiting brightly colored panels. No, the most exciting aspect of walking down the assembly line was that it gave me an opportunity to see inside the heads of so many Lambo owners.

From this vantage point it was possible to see how soon-to-be owners chose to outfit their raging bulls. The taste of some owners, I must admit, ranged from admirable to questionable. My personal favorite was a manual transmission Gallardo boasting a brooding matte black painted finish with black leather interior and cherry red stitching on the seats, steering wheel and dash. If I were to leave the facility with a car today, that would be my choice.


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Source: Modifiedle