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Porsche 911 E-Ruf Concept: Test drive report

Porsche 911 E-Ruf Concept
Yes, you are reading right. We found a test drive report with the electric E-Ruf Concept based on the Porsche 911. A must read!

Look closely and you’ll notice that all the air scoops in the front, sides and back of the 997 are now filled in and smoothed over. Peering into the cockpit, you’ll see a dash filled with test gauges and a center stack equipped with several switches and connectors. Gone are the rear seats, replaced with a big hump just touching the back of the front seats.

Like many concept cars, the E-Ruf is an early prototype, by no means a production-ready car. Subsequent models will follow as the development progresses. In fact, this E-Ruf still retains the 997 clutch and the 6-speed manual transmission. In its final iteration, only one gear is necessary because an electric motor’s torque output is instant and the speed is easily reached without multiple gears. And further, there is no need for a reverse gear because you can simply reverse the current and spin the electric motor backward.

But unlike many concept cars, the E-Ruf is driveable. With 479 lb.-ft. of torque available the instant you tip in on the accelerator, the E-Ruf moves off quickly with minimal fuss. As the mechanical sound you hear is the whine from the electric motor, wind and tire noise suddenly become more noticeable. In fact, you feel like you’re in a spaceship blasting through the galaxy (especially in the thick fog). To slow down, regenerative braking is currently set at about 25 percent, pending final evaluations to achieve optimal brake feel.

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Source: Road & Track